Thursday, 30 June 2016

Latest Innovations for Highway Safety

When drivers make judgmental error or mistake on highways, they meet with accident. These road crashes are increasing day by day just because of driver's less concentration specially during night time. All it takes is a split second to crash against a tree, a pole, any other road side object or fall off the road shoulder or cross over a median on a curve.

Here we are discussing about some solutions or equipment designed in such a way so that it can provide protection to the occupants of a vehicle in case the driver made a mistake. Lots of innovative products like Cable safety barriers, crash cushions and energy absorbing end terminals are now available that can make our highways more safe for the vehicle users. Some of these technologies are discussed below.

Cable Safety Barriers / Wire Rope Crash Barriers 

TRINITY CASS® A cable barrier, sometimes referred to as cable guard rail or wire rope safety barrier (WRSB), is a flexible type of roadside or median safety barrier that is more forgiving in nature than a metal beam or concrete barriers and therefore cause less damage and injuries to the vehicle occupants. The flexibility of the system absorbs impact energy and dissipates it laterally, which reduces the forces transmitted to the vehicle occupants and therefore making them less susceptible to injuries. 

Crash Cushions/ Impact Attenuators 

A crash with rigid object often leads to grievous injuries and even death of vehicle occupants. Gore areas, toll booths, start of elevated section, foundations of overhead gantry signs are some common examples of unavoidable rigid objects that are knowingly introduced on highways by designers. The vehicle users must be protected against these dangerous features on the highways.  USA are a good example of performance tested energy absorbing end treatments.                                      

Energy Absorbing End-terminals

Untreated ends of Metal beam guardrail pose a grave danger to road users and need effective treatment to ensure safety of vehicles and occupants during an impact. 

“Energy absorbing” end treatments that have been performance tested to conform to EN-1317-4, P4 performance class have been found to be the most appropriate and effective end treatments especially on important, high speed (>80 kmph), high traffic roads.