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Featured Principle:                                                                                                     
GCTS, Testing Systems, USA

Presenting GCTS Systems - USA, a highly respected manufacturer of robust and high precision test solutions for research and productive activities in the field of Geotechnical, Rock and Pavement Engineering.

A GCTS manufactured system performs at the highest levels of reliability, providing efficient systems that satisfy customer needs and expectations.

GCTS mission is to advance the state of the practice in materials testing while simplifying the equipment operation.

Avantech ensures that every GCTS equipment supplied in India is installed and supported during and after warranty through a dedicated team of trained engineers so that our customer can focus on their research.

Featured Product:
The GCTS, Frozen Soil Triaxial System

Application: The GCTS Frozen Soil Triaxial System is designed to study the formation of gas hydrates within soil samples and to characterize the geo-mechanical properties and response of hydrate-laden soils and rocks found mainly within ocean sediments on the continental margins and embedded in regions of permafrost.

Key Features:This equipment is capable of performing isotropic and an-isotropic consolidation, UU, CD, and CU triaxial tests with volume change or pore pressure measurements, stress/strain path tests, K0 consolidation, cyclic loading including cyclic stress paths and other tests. 

The system uses a computer-controlled metering valve and internal copper vaporization coil for the precise control of test temperatures. It includes a pump for circulation of bath fluid that circulates inside the triaxial cell and one RTD that can be mounted in the top of the triaxial cell. Also included is an efficient cooling/heating device that allows for temperature control between –30C and +150C without requiring external Liquid Nitrogen (LN2). GCTS provides other necessary components, such as the gas delivery system, gas/water mixing tank, flow meters, and volume change devices, making this a true “turn-key” system.

More information about Frozen Soil Triaxial System 

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